Looking for a Tile Removal company in Burnside?

Are you thinking about replacing your tiles? Whether you’re a commercial building manager or a homeowner, Tile Removal Melbourne is a partner you can trust.

We specialise in the removal of tiles from any surface without doing damage to the structure. Our services are available in all suburbs and towns throughout Melbourne.

We offer affordable pricing and professional service. We’ll break out your old tiles and prepare the surface for your new set.

With Tile Removal Melbourne, you get your floor or walls ready for a new set of tiles in no time. Contact our offices today and arrange a quote with one of our friendly consultants.


Why Do I Need Tile Removal by Metro Defits?

Homeowners looking to renovate rooms, or the patio, can rely on Tile Removal Melbourne. Why go to the hassle of doing it yourself when you can hire the pros?

DIY tile removal takes time, effort, and you’ll have to dump all the rubble yourself. Instead of going to the hassle of doing it yourself, call Tile Removal Melbourne for help.

We’ll break out your old tiles and remove the rubble, all without you having to lift a finger.

For commercial building managers and property owners, Tile Removal Melbourne assists with your property management tasks. If you need a reliable and effective tile removal team, you can rely on Metro Defits for your service provider.

We work with large corporates, and we can negotiate a service-level agreement that meets your needs. Contact our service department right now, and speak to our team about how we can help.


Why Choose Tile Removal Melbourne?

When you work with Tile Removal Melbourne, you’re getting the best service in Victoria. We’re an established company, operating since 2013, with established clients who choose us for the following benefits:

Ethical and transparent quotes – We’ll give you a quote over the phone or at your site. Our prices are the best in the industry, with no hidden costs. When we issue you your quote, you won’t pay a cent more.

Professional Service – All our artisans have decades of combined experience in breaking and removing tiles from any surface. We know how to avoid damaging your floors and walls during the removal process.

Top-tier technology – At Tile Removal Melbourne, we work with the latest technology innovations and methods. We ensure you get a fast and efficient job at a fair price.

Fast finishing – Our team is in and out before you know we were there. We don’t waste time on site, providing you with a quick turnaround time for the job.

Fully Insured – Our business offers you a fully insured experience. You get coverage for your home or commercial property, giving you peace-of-mind.

Guaranteed results – Tile Removal Melbourne dedicates itself to our clients. We understand you want something done right the first time, and we’re ready to deliver for you. We put our reputation on the line and guarantee results with every job we take.

Trusted by Leading Brands – Tile Removal Melbourne has a solid track record. Operating since 2013, we have clients across Melbourne in different industries. Contact us and get the professional treatment you deserve.


What Other Services Do We Provide?

Floor Coating Preparation – We prepare floors and walls for coating and flooring installations.

Paint Removal – Let us remove your old paint and prepare the surface for fresh paint or flooring options. We can remove any paint from any surface with our paint removal technology. Even toughened epoxy paints are easy to get rid of on any surface.

Dust Sealing – We seal bare concrete floors, protecting them from solvents, dust, and contaminants. This service is ideal for underground parking lots and open areas. Protect the integrity of your concrete, and extend its service life.

Stripouts and Defits– We specialise in Stripouts and defits for commercial, retail, and residential structures. Whether you’re stripping a retail store or renovating your home, call us for assistance.

Concrete Grinding – We use specialised equipment to grind any floor flat and level. Our concrete grinding services ensure you get the right foundation for your new flooring project.


Which Areas Does Tile Removal Melbourne Cover?

We operate in all suburbs and towns in Melbourne. From Keilor in the northwest to Frankston on the Richmond, we cover it all. If you have a tile removal project, contact our offices on 03 9581 2634, and we’ll put you in touch with a professional.

Our mobile teams are ready to visit your site right now. Contact us for a quote, and we’ll send someone over to you.


Tile Removal Melbourne by Metro Defits – Work with the Professionals

Breaking out tiles is challenging work, especially in corners and on other applications. Trying to do it yourself is admirable, but you might end up damaging your home or business.

With Tile Removal Melbourne, you get a professional service to assist with your tile removal. Our artisans have decades of combined experience in removing all sorts of tiles from different applications.

With Tile Removal Melbourne, you get a team that understands the nuances of removing tiles without wrecking the surface. Put us to the test and call into our offices for a free quote.

We guarantee all our work. Our clients trust us to deliver the service they need for their building, store, or warehouse. Let us show you the difference in quality and service that’s possible with Tile Removal Melbourne.


Contact Tile Removal Melbourne for a Free Quote!

At Tile Removal Melbourne, we offer you a free quote. Contact our offices and ask to speak to one of our friendly consultants about your tile removal project. We’ll give you a quote over the phone, based on your verbal requirements, or we’ll send someone out to your site to assess the job.

From our offices in Melbourne, we can get anywhere in the city. Contact us today, and we’ll put you in touch with a professional to show you what’s possible. With Tile Removal Melbourne, you get the best quotes and professional service you can trust.