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Tile Removal

Commercial tile removal is hard work. Unlike domestic tiles, commercial work can involve thousands of square feet of tile removal, adhesive grinding and concrete finishing.

This creates kilos of ultra-fine synthetic dust, that can be breathed in by your customers and employees and will collect on your shopfittings, furniture, or machinery.

At Metro Defits, we’ve spent years learning and improving our methods from job to job, and after several years of experimentation, we’ve developed a new end-to-end method of dust-free tile removal.

How does it work and is your service really 100% dust-free?

There is no such thing as 100% dust-free anything, let alone commercial tile removal!

Dust particles are about 50 microns thick (one grain of sand is 500), so it is inevitable a few will escape even the strongest air filtration systems.

That being said, we are confident in saying that we capture 99% of the dust created by tile removal with our advanced air filtration methods. The difference between our methods and those of our competitors, needs to be experienced to be believed.

We use vacuum equipped tile removal tools to suck up most of the dust as soon as it is created. Any dust that escapes these tools, is quickly processed by our industrial-grade dust extractors. We also use traditional vacuum cleaners to periodically clean hard to reach places, as well as doing a site clean at the end of the job.

What services to we offer?

• Free job quote

• Dust-free tile removal

• Dust-free adhesive grinding

• Dust-free concrete smoothing

• Vacuum and tidy of job site

• Removal of tile debris

Why do I need professionals for my commercial tile removal job?

Tiles are used in many different commercial properties, ranging from warehouses and factories, to shopping centres and hospitals. Whatever your, industry, make sure you use professionals for your next commercial tile removal job.

Don’t risk having unprofessional tile removalists leave you with a dirty, dusty and unsafe working environment, where you will continue to find dust months later.

Sub-par “budget” contractors are also notorious for overbooking work, meaning they will rush through your job and leave you with uneven, poorly finished floors. This means that your tiles will not be laid flush, leading to raised surfaces that can result in workplace accidents and injuries.

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