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What Is Concrete Grinding?

Concrete often needs to be ground to smooth down damaged subflooring once old flooring has been removed. Concrete grinding is the process of preparing concrete subflooring, ready for a new floor to be installed on top.

What Does Concrete Grinding Involve?

We begin the process of concrete grinding by removing surface substances, such as tile adhesive or carpet adhesive, epoxy, and paint. We then level and smooth the surface as required before sealing the concrete subfloor surface. This is followed by clearing and disposing of the remaining waste - leaving a clean, even surface.

Why Choose Metro Defits For Concrete Grinding?

At Metro Defits, we ensure your concrete subfloor is restored to a high professional standard, so any future flooring material placed on top will result in an even, long-lasting finish. During the process, we minimise concrete dust by carefully sealing the area and using specialised equipment.

We provide a professional service at a fair, competitive price.

Our Other Offered Services

Concrete grinding is just one of our offerings as part of our Commercial and Residential Strip Out services. We also offer the removal of flooring, walls, and restoration of kitchens and bathrooms.

Read More About Concrete Grinding

You can find more in-depth information about concrete grinding by viewing this blog.

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